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The training game I've always wanted! Laura, Sara and Elise are a must. Some NPCs would be a great addition as well such as (can't remember their names exactly ;p) occult girl, artist girl, yaoi writer (because she's insane and could add cringy/awkward moments :D) and Gaius's mom lol. Someone asked below but I'm also curious if patreon scenes will always be locked or slowly become available with public updates? I'll leave a review after a few more updates, right now it feels bare without interactive interactions and story/characters need fleshed out a bit more then it currently is but otherwise it looks and reads great and the map creation tool was a cool choice 😎 I'll be keeping my eyes peeled!


Are we going to get the patron scenes at all? Great game otherwise.

once you unlock every memory on altina there isnt more scenes?, it kinda hints that she can get preg

what do yous think of this game

Bug found. Black strobe background during H scenes that leads to game crash.

Anal sex?

There is one such scene. Though more are planned.

The game great but when h scene start the game crash

Enjoying the game so far. Though, animations are very laggy and cause the short blackout of the background like it was mentioned before by someone else. Everything else seems great!

Android 10, 2GB RAM, CPU 4 core MTK MT6762R


I dunno if this is a bug but when H scene is playing my phone goes black screen and then appearing again why is that


I believe it's due to the type of video encoding I was originally using which may not work properly on some devices. I hope to have it fixed in the next release.

stupid question, how i rise the emotions stat? i cant for the life of me do it


Once Altina reaches a certain fatigue stat for the first time you can travel to the beach. Attending with her raises emotion.

This is definitely one of the best games I have ever played!

Значок "Перевірено спільнотою"

Just a question, what is the effect of fatigue?? It's really worrying... 


Nothing good. Don't let it reach 100.

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Hi. I am pretty new to this game but i love it so far. However one thing i dont really understand is what does fatique do? If it was mentioned earlier in the game then i probably missed it. Edit: nevermind. I found it out

Love this game and the fact that the creator is a man of culture indeed. feet is best


Never expected the series trails of heroes: cold steel. To pop up here. Are there gonna be scenes with other members of class 7 or just black rabbit aka altina.


Alisa currently has scenes. More girls will be added in time.


Sweet. Am looking forward to it.

any chance to add in fie?

There is a chance.

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During any type of animation, the background rapidly flashes between solid black and the actual background.


Is there any walkthrough cause what do you do after her affection is 100

 I have played many of these sorts of games, off and on, just to get through the workday and for some reason I love this. The updates that have been put out keep adding little enjoyable things and QOL changes. Keep working on this. Keep adding. Keep adding more positions for the same type of interaction. Add grope mini-games. Add monster and robot interactions. This is just good. Heck, add customization options. I don't even have a complaint.

Good job. Seriously. Keep going.

Thanks for your comment. Feel free to leave a review if you would like.

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this is interesting, though what question can you ask her and how you get her fatigue down Edit: never mind, progress, just had no break for 10 days, thats fine lol

Is there any chance of this coming to Android? I don't have a PC, just a phone, but i'd really love to be able to play it. Cold Steel is my favourite game series at the moment. 

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You can use JoiPlay as an emulator for Ren'Py games.

But download it from patreon in last public post because in GooglePlay it is not updated

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Where to find save file when using renpy?

Edit: never mind, found it. Its inside the same folder

Know how to change renpy setting? The top option for starting mission(check mark) is in the same location for renpy setting (arrow). I cant start any option cause of it.

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I tried to find it,  but there's no setting for this. (Moving arrow or hiding it) 

I just rotated the screen with button. (Click top arrow, and choose second option)

Also you can try to make arrow smaller, but it did not worked for me too.

yup, kinda annoying cause it also disable other game choices when renpy sitting is out. Alot of rotating and turn on & off to advance in the game.

But thx. Still finish every event from newest update.


Keep up the good work!


Hmm this is good